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Clinic Services

Minor Surgery

We have a well equipped treatment room and the Doctors are trained to perform a variety of minor surgical procedures under local anaesthetic. If the GP recommends a minor surgical procedure, the receptionist will organise a joint appointment for you to see the Doctor and Nurse.

Chronic Disease Management Clinics

Patients who have a chronic disease, such as diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular conditions will be invited to attend the nurse-led Chronic Disease Management clinic for annual monitoring, review of their medication and health promotion advice. Diabetic and some other patients who have these conditions will require a blood test two weeks prior to their annual review. Arrangements can be made to visit housebound patients.

Maternity Care

Our surgery has a policy of shared maternity care, the majority of which is undertaken by the Community Midwife. She sees patients by appointment at the Surgery and also runs antenatal classes throughout pregnancy. The midwife, Doctors and Practice Nurse can also provide pre-pregnancy counselling.

Child Health Surveillance

The Doctors work closely with the Health Visitors; mothers are offered a post-natal review at 8 weeks and children are called for health and development reviews with the GP at 2 calendar months old. We provide a full immunisation service for children in line with the Department of Health’s recommendations. Appointments will be offered to see the Practice Nurse when immunisations are due.

Family Planning

The practice provides a full range of family planning care; we have an array of leaflets for your perusal. Emergency contraception is also available from the Doctor.

Travel Immunisation

The Practice Nurse is able to provide advice to those travelling abroad and can also administer the necessary immunisations. For travellers with complicated itineraries or intending to stay abroad for more than 2 weeks, up to date travel information is available on the internet from or the Department of Health’s web site at
Please bring any relevant print outs with you to your initial appointment.

Appointments need to be booked well in advance, so please make your appointments at least 6 weeks prior to departure, in case a course of vaccinations is required. Some vaccinations are outside NHS work and are chargeable.

Advice concerning malaria is also available from the above information sites, and if recommended it is important to take the treatment correctly. Some malaria tablets are not available on prescription and can only be obtained from the chemist. Some are only available on private prescription for which you will have to pay. You will need to discuss your requirements with the Practice Nurse.

Influenza and Pneumonia Immunisations

Immunisation against flu is recommended by your GP if you are over 65 years of age, and for patients who are carers or at risk because of COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, or anyone who is immuno-suppressed. Flu injections start in September each year.

Pneumococcal vaccination is recommended as a once only injection for anyone over the age of 65 and those in the at risk groups above.

Health Promotion & Well Person Clinics

The Practice Nurse is available, upon request, to give you advice about a healthier lifestyle e.g. diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol. She can also check your blood pressure, weight and perform further tests if required. We encourage all women aged between 25 and 65 to have regular smears and women between the ages of 50 and 64 to have a 3 yearly mammogram in line with DOH recommendations.