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Patient Registration

Practice Area

Our practice area covers the parish of whipton.

If you are unsure as to whether you reside in our practice area please ask at reception or see the map in our foyer.

New Patients

We welcome new patients to the surgery provided they reside in our designated practice area. It is very easy to register, you do not need a medical card, we just ask you to complete and sign a registration form and a short health questionnaire.

Patients aged 5 and over will then be offered a routine health screen appointment with the practice nurse, which is entirely optional. This health check provides us with an opportunity to meet you and obtain important background clinical and medication history, prior to your medical records arriving from your previous practice, which can take anything up to 10 weeks.

For children aged under 5, please indicate on the registration form if you require your child to receive Child Health Surveillance from the practice. You will also be invited to see the health visitor.

If you are on any regular medication, please bring either the repeat slip from your previous surgery or the medication itself to your new patient appointment.

Existing Patients

Patients who live or have moved outside the practice area are encouraged to register with a practice close to their home. This enables GPs and practice staff to work with a range of other health and social care professionals on your behalf, all of whom cover specific localities.

Out of Area Registration

New arrangements introduced from January 2015 give people greater choice when choosing their GP Practice as Practices now have the option of registering people who live outside of their contracted area without any obligation to provide home visits. The Whipton Surgery will now accept patients who do not live in the area if it is clinically appropriate and practical to do so. To determine this we will:

  • Ask you, or your current/previous doctor, questions about your health
  • Ask you whether it is practical for you to attend the Practice

Please be aware that this may take a little while so you should apply at least 5 working days before you need to make an appointment or request a prescription.

If accepted you will attend the Practice and receive the full range of services we provide here. If you are unable to attend the surgery because of an urgent care need we will ask you to call NHS 111 and they will put you in with the local service that has been arranged for you by NHS England.

We may decide now, or in the future, that it is not in your best interests to be registered in this way and advise that you should register (or remain registered) with a Practice local to your home.

Current patients who move to an address outside of our area are also eligible to apply for Out Of Area registration.  For more information or to collect an Out Of Area registration pack please speak to Reception.

Patient De-Registration

Patient removal from practice

Patients are expected to behave in a reasonable manner in their contact with the surgery staff (the practice rarely experiences problems in relationships with patients). If a patient does not behave accordingly, the GPs will request the Primary Care Support Service (PCSS) to remove them from their list.

The Practice and PCSS will then write to the patient informing them that they are being removed from the list and that the practice will continue to provide medical cover for a further 7 days from the date of the letter, during which time the patient should register with another Practice in the local area.

Zero Tolerance to Violence Policy

The practice, in line with government guidelines, has a 'Zero Tolerance to Violence' policy. This means that any violent or abusive behaviour or perceived threatening behaviour, whether verbal or otherwise to staff or members of the public on practice premises will not be tolerated. We can refuse to provide a service, report the incident to the Police and request that the patient and their family be removed from the Practice list.

In this instance, the removal is effective immediately. The PCSS would write to the patient giving them details on how to access the dedicated primary care service for patients who are removed from any Practice list because of violent behaviour. This dedicated service is provided by NHS Devon.

Patients removed in this way, are barred from registering with any other General Practitioner.

Named Accountable GP

What is the requirement for a named GP?

This is a contractual requirement and builds on the 2014-2015 agreement to provide a named and accountable GP for over 75s. The named GP requirement has now been extended to all patients. By 31 March 2016 all practices will need to include on their website reference to the fact that all patients, including children have been allocated a named, accountable GP.


What does 'accountable' mean?

The contract requires the named accountable GP to take responsibility for the co-ordination of all appropriate services required under the contract and ensure they are delivered to each of their patients where required (based on the clinical judgement of the named accountable GP). The contract remains 'practice based', so overall responsibility for patient care has not changed. This is largely a role of oversight, with the requirements being introduced to reassure patients that they have one GP within the practice who is responsible for ensuring that this work is carried out on their behalf.



What are the named GP's responsibilities to 75s and over?

This is unchanged from 2014-2015; for patients aged 75 and over the named accountable GP is responsible for:

·    working with relevant associated health and social care professionals to deliver a multidisciplinary care package that meets the needs of the patient

·    ensuring that these patients have access to a health check as set out in section 7.9 of the GMS Contract Regulations.


Does the requirement mean 24-hour responsibility for patients?

No. The named GP will not:

·     Take on vicarious responsibility for the work of other doctors or health professionals

·     Take on 24-hour responsibility for the patient, or have to change their working hours.

·     The requirement does not imply personal availability for GPs throughout the working week

·     Be the only GP or clinician who will provide care to that patient


Will practices have to write to patients to tell them their named GP?

There is no requirement to write to any patients regarding their named GP. Practices are required to inform patients of their named GP at the next appropriate interaction and it is for practices to decide what is appropriate.


Can patients choose their own named GP?

In the first instance, patients should simply be allocated a named GP. However, if a patient requests a particular GP, reasonable efforts should be made to accommodate their preference, recognising that there are occasions when the practice may not feel the patient's preference is suitable.


Do patients have to see the named GP when they book an appointment with the practice?

No. Patients can and should feel free to choose to see any GP or nurse in the practice in line with current arrangements. However, some practices may see this change as a way to encourage and promote a greater degree of continuity of care for patients.


At the Whipton Surgery, the GPs work closely together and this change does not prevent you from seeing any doctor at the practice.


Please be aware that due to holidays and other commitments, your named GP may not always be available.


If you request an emergency appointment, this will be with any of the doctors who have available appointments.



Patient's Rights

We are committed to giving you the best possible service. This will be achieved by working together so help us to help you. You have a right to, and the practice will try to ensure that:-

* You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

* You will be treated as a partner in the care and attention that you receive.

* All aspects of your visit will be dealt with in privacy and confidence.

* You will be offered a health check on joining the practice.

* You will be seen by a doctor for urgent conditions on the same day that you request assistance.

* You will be seen by the doctor of your choice subject to availability.

* In an emergency, out of normal opening hours, if you telephone the practice you will be given the number to receive assistance, which will require no more  
  than one further call.

* You can bring someone with you, however you may be asked to be seen on your own during the consultation.

* You have a right to receive appropriate drugs and medicines.

* Repeat prescriptions will normally be available for collection within two working days of your request.

* If you and the GP agree, you have the right to be referred for specialist or second opinion, at a hospital of your choice.

* Information about our services on offer will be made available to you by way of posters, notice boards and newsletters.

* You have the right to see your medical records or have a copy, subject to certain laws. A small fee may be charged to cover costs.

Patient's Responsibilities

With these rights come responsibilities and for patients we would respectfully request that you:-

* Treat practice staff and doctors with the same consideration and courtesy that you would like yourself. Remember that they are trying to help you.

* Attend appointments on time and check in at reception. Patients who are more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may not be seen.

* If you are unable to make your appointment or no longer need it, please give the practice adequate notice that you wish to cancel. Appointments are 
  heavily in demand and missed appointments waste time and delay more urgent patients receiving the treatment they need.

* An appointment is for one person only. Where another family member needs to be seen or discussed, another appointment should be made.

* Patients should make every effort to present at the surgery to ensure the best use of nursing and medical time. Home visits should be medically justifiable 
  and not requested for social convenience. Requests should be made before 11.00am.

* Please request urgent appointments, if possible, before 11.00am.

* Please inform us when you move home, change your name or telephone number, so that we can keep our records correct and up to date.

* Read the practice leaflets and other information that we give you. They are there to help you use our services. If you do not understand their content please
  tell us.

* Let us have your views. Your ideas and suggestions whether complimentary or critical are important in helping us to provide a first class, safe, friendly
  service in pleasant surroundings.

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